Marketplace Policy


The sole purpose of Marketplace is to connect seller to the potential buyer but does not engage in any transaction. 

Seller: Marketplace does not take responsibility of selling the product/service but facilitates in connecting with potential buyer. It is the seller's duty to provide complete and specific information on Marketplace. The goods must matched their description and photos used on Marketplace. 

As per the Ecommerce regulations 2002, the buyer should be informed; 

  • of the different technical steps to conclude the contract;
  • of the technical process for identifying and correcting errors before placing an order;
  • whether the final contract will be stored by you and whether the buyer will have access to it;
  • of the languages offered for the conclusion of the contract;
  • whether you are bound by any code of conduct and provide a link to view it.

Buyer: It is buyer's choice on how and ways to communicate and share private information to the seller. Marketplace does not own or store any confidential information. Buyer should follow: 

  • View the item, in person, first (if required). Meet in daylight if possible and in a public place. If you must meet at the seller’s home take a friend with you.
  • Avoid advance payments
  • If you must pay online, offer to pay through buyer protection like PayPal. 
  • Ask for the item to be tracked. 
  • Don't jump on deals that are too good to be true - if the item is much cheaper than you've found elsewhere, ask why.

Payment and Returns: payment of the product/service is made outside Marketplace and therefore, Marketplace does not have any control or authority in negotiation, protection or return of goods or refund if not satisfied. It is a sole responsibility of paties engaged into the transaction to solve any after sale dispute. Marketplace would like to highly recommend for making payment through PayPal which provides buyer protection.